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What We Do Before  Start?

We listen to your demands before the design starts. In line with your requests, we carry out the necessary research for the project design that will make a difference in your region. We take detailed photo shoots and take all the necessary notes.

Design Stages

As a result of the region researches, we make sure that what kind of customers we will appeal to. We start the sketches to make all the data we have obtained as a result of a short demographic research suitable for your design of the place.

Interior Lighting For Coffe Shop

Even after having the best interior design, wrong lighting can ruin the space. Lighting plays a very important role in the operation of a cafe. Customers and employees should see clearly what they are buying and selling respectively. The ideal cafe design should allow natural light to enter during the day, with the exception that the shop is between buildings where there is little natural light.

The goal is to create a comfortable environment and avoid unnatural dazzling lights. Dazzling lights will overpower customers, distract them from the food, and distract them. Dim lights do well in a cafe if you want to give a rustic and exclusive impression. Make sure different areas have varying lighting intensities. Corner sofas should be dimly lit to create a romantic or idyllic mood. Make sure the light is bright enough to read in other areas.

Calculating the Interior design for a Coffee Shop

Cafe design cost calculation goes along with the project, but the material to be chosen, ceramics, wall applications, lighting and sconce, light and space designs and the cost calculation will be clarified with the square meter (m²) calculation. The prices of all the products to be selected are carefully researched for the correct proportional and appropriate cost calculation. We collect offers from contracted manufacturing companies and share them with you.

How long will it take?

The design process and project processes vary depending on the size of the workplace, so this period may take 7 – 15 days, including 3D modeling on average.

Our Cafe Design Concepts

Scandinavian Style

Italian Architecture

Concept French Cafe

Fish or Steakhouse

Turkish Restaurants

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